Wednesday, September 9, 2009

After two nites of late chinese dinners, my stomach begged for a healthier feast. So last saturday, I decided to drink lots of fresh fruit juice and eat lots of veggies. For breakfast, i think i just had tea and banana, skipped lunch then went to the office. After meeting with my friend Robert , I headed to the caltex station at the corner of makati ave and buendia.

As i was walking, I was mentally examining the healthy choices available in pancake house and teriyaki boy. I found myself instead at dizon's fruit stand. I ordered fresh fruit juice, but they don't sell it on saturdays! ayayay! i bought atis and ate it right away! felt good instantly! I got some lettuce, avocado and green apple to make salad at home.

Still not satisfied with the atis i just had, I thought of having miso soup at teriyaki boy. Once I got inside the resto, I suddenly remembered that Corner Tree Cafe is just nearby. I've been planning to go there for a long time so I changed my mind; left Teriyaki boy and headed to CTC! Yey!

I snapped a few shots of the cafe's entrace and when I entered, I was pleased to see Chiqui, the owner. The cafe looks like a charming cottage inn, with its white walls and ceiling, and mismatched liberation chairs. Corner Tree Cafe offers healthy, vegetarian meals. I've tried their tofu walnut burger in the american women's bazaar and it was yummy!

Chiqui joined me right away in the table. I eagerly asked for the menu. First item that caught my eye: lemon grass tea! It was so refreshing, i finished half of it on my first sip! And then the organic salad. The dressing was light and tasted like the hummus dip. The tomyao sprout added a nice crunch and bite to the salad.

As I kept seeing the menu board, I wondered if i should try the spinach soup. Couldn't help it so i asked for a cup. I was glad I did. The spinach and pechay soup was light and the creaminess was just right.

My tummy was thankful for that early, healthy dinner. As I prepared to leave, Chiqui shared where she gets her bread. It's from Lartizan inside Mickey's Deli, a few steps away from the cafe. I'm a bread lover so I decided to check it out!

Lovely discovery - the almond cookies!!!

As I strolled along Jupiter street after i got my bread from Lartizan, I felt like I was in a different place other than Makati. Perhaps, Jupiter Street is not the usual crowded street on a fine saturday afternoon. I lazily strolled and headed back home.