Wednesday, August 18, 2010

quote for the day

I love quotations! Those one-liners that give you a boost, an inspiration, a smile. This one lifts me up instantly! Thanks La Dolce Vita for sharing this in your blog.

do you journal?

I wish I did!

Especially for the travels I made: the day trips, out-of-town trips, conventions, vacations. I can imagine how fun and heartwarming it would be to browse the journals and relive the moments. I've kept pictures and I will give it a try - to write about my past travels. Meanwhile, I will get the prettiest journal I can get.

RTW, soon!

For the past three days, I've been reading about round the world travel experiences of fellow bloggers, and I must admit that I'm both jealous and inspired!

My heart is beating fast with the thought of it. I couldn't stop researching about fellow traveller's experience and slowly building up my knowledge and courage to do it sooner than soon.

I need to write this down so that I will be reminded that it's time to start acting on it! Tonite, I will share this dream with my family! I will definitely let them be my co-creator in this one exciting life experience! Round the world travel with my family! Let the game begin.