Wednesday, August 18, 2010

quote for the day

I love quotations! Those one-liners that give you a boost, an inspiration, a smile. This one lifts me up instantly! Thanks La Dolce Vita for sharing this in your blog.

do you journal?

I wish I did!

Especially for the travels I made: the day trips, out-of-town trips, conventions, vacations. I can imagine how fun and heartwarming it would be to browse the journals and relive the moments. I've kept pictures and I will give it a try - to write about my past travels. Meanwhile, I will get the prettiest journal I can get.

RTW, soon!

For the past three days, I've been reading about round the world travel experiences of fellow bloggers, and I must admit that I'm both jealous and inspired!

My heart is beating fast with the thought of it. I couldn't stop researching about fellow traveller's experience and slowly building up my knowledge and courage to do it sooner than soon.

I need to write this down so that I will be reminded that it's time to start acting on it! Tonite, I will share this dream with my family! I will definitely let them be my co-creator in this one exciting life experience! Round the world travel with my family! Let the game begin.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

dream travels

I am reviewing the law of attraction. The idea that what you think about you bring about is exciting! I have a confession to make: I've been thinking non-stop about travels! And I intend to jot down all those travel ideas I'll come across, and share it here, and put timeline.

I remember some years ago, I came across a picture of The Bund in Shanghai, clipped it, and stared at it for several times. Then I put it away somewhere. Fast forward to 2008. Guess what? I won a free trip for two to Shanghai and one of the highlights of the trip is visiting The Bund on a wonderful river cruise!

I will dig into my chest of "goal pictures" so I can show you the clipping of The Bund.

Meanwhile, here's a shot of The Bund!

travel souvenirs

do you like collecting travel souvenirs? sometimes i do, sometimes i don't. photos still are my best travel mementos. I was reading Tony Wheeler's blog last nite about travel souvenirs and suddenly, a flash of pictures of my past travels came to mind. I suddenly recalled that I do love going to souvenir shops and the many choices of knick-knacs often leave me amused and confused as what to take home. In several ocassions, I found myself spending too much time looking at these cute little things and still undecided what will travel with me back home! Those cute little ref magnets are the easy ones. Ive collected some. I remember visiting a friend of a friend's office and seeing unique ref magnets to remember each and every place they've been to and I must say that the collection is one of a kind. It did inspire me to look for unique magnets too in my travels.

One unique travel souvenir I have is the circle of friend (or friendship?) which I bought in a flea market San Jose California. It was heavy! here's a picture of it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

david lee's top movies to get you travelling in 2010

i will definitely watch these movies!

thai food hmm...

My sister has been living in Virginia for over a year now, and am so sure she's missing home food and asian food. So when we met up in LA last october, she was so happy to find a simple thai restaurant near our hotel. The owner is Thai and so is the nice lady who served our food. She's in LA to study, and is missing the comforts of her home too, especially her car! We ordered shrimp fried rice and chicken curry plus my all-time favorite thai iced tea!

When we were taking pictures, our new friend from Thailand smiled and asked if she can check out my SLR camera. She enjoys photography, she tells us, and that she'd like to own a camera like mine. She gamely posed when I asked if I can take her picture. Here she is....

.....we were so amused with her spontaineity and her happy pose that we gamely posed too....

Monday, January 4, 2010

virtual home

She lives up to her name - things that inspire. I'm referring to a lady blogger I've recently discovered.

I was indeed inspired to do my own virtual home! So if you may allow me please to borrow your blog title, I'd like to create my virtual home too. This idea isn't really that new to me. For many years now, we teach our new business partners to create a dreambook! I must admit though that it's challenging to gather pictures of things that represent our heart's desires. But with the pictures from the internet, creating an online (or virtual) dreambook is now easier!

I'll start off with this beautiful master bathroom. I remember when i started cutting away pictures of our dreambook, it always included a nice, white, airy bathroom!

I'll return to this post shortly and add more details to my virtual home...

sunny living room

For the last few weeks, I have been looking for different places we can go to for our wedding anniversary. That included Tagaytay, Batangas, Zambales, Baguio, Cebu, Davao, even Puerto Galera. It was fun as I've discovered several places or resorts I've never been to.

Come end December, when my husband arrived from a project abroad, I told him the options. He just told me, it's up to you, wherever you like, whatever would make you happy.

Then an idea hit me! I asked him - do you want to repaint our living room instead of going out of town? My husband readily said yes!

So we forego the trip and headed to the home store to buy gallons of paint and other painting materials. It was a family affair - the repainting! Ayel and Vince helped out and now we have a sunny living room! yey! almost! My husband has to do another coat of paint for the ceiling. Should be done by tomorrow.

Now I'm inspired to take on other renovation projects in our house! Next in line - the library dining area! I've gathered some pictures already and I can't wait to display my collection of books in our dining area.

So looking forward to it!
And sharing with you an inspiration for some shelves I want to install in our dining area. Pretty idea, don't you think so?