Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the law of least effort

what are some of the things you really love? or activities that give you joy?

I can list a few - reading a book, visiting bookstores and visiting home stores. I'm writing this in between reading Deepak Chopra's book "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" and I quote one of the paragraphs: "The Law of Least Effort is based on the fact that nature's intelligence functions with effortless ease and abandoned carefreeness. This is the principle of harmony and love. Least effort is expended when your actions are motivated by love, because nature is held together by the energy of love. When your actions are motivated by love, there is no waste of energy. When your actions are motivated by love, your energy multiples and accumulates - and the surplus energy you gather and enjoy can be channeled to create anything that you want, including unlimited wealth. " Wow!

I continue to quote: "There are three components to the Law of Least Effort. First, is acceptance, which simply means that you make a commitment to accept people, situations, circumstances and events as they occur. You can wish for things in the future to be different, but in this moment you have to accept things as they are."

For me, this is simply gratitude.

Have you read that book yet? I encourage you do.

Check out Amazon.com. Saving tip: check out their slightly used books! You can have two for the price of one.

Happy reading!

corn muffin

I love corn bread, corn muffin. Last October, we had buffet dinner at country home in san diego with my cousin-law jess and his two sons. I kept coming back for the corn bread! In manila, I enjoy kenny roger's corn muffins!

Yesterday, I was at the Shangrila Mall and walk past Le Coure De France and saw corn muffins! I haven't tried their version so I bought one just to taste. I still vote for Kenny Rogers as you can taste the corn, the sweetness is just right, and the price is unbeatable! Sorry but Le Coure's version didn't get my vote - too sweet.

How about you? what's favorite bread?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

punta malabrigo beach lobo batangas

Sharing with you some photos of a unique and quiet resort in lobo, batangas. Unique because of the flat rocks instead of sand. Clear water, hammocks everywhere, lots of sampaloc trees, simple and clean duplex accomodations.

Visit also the lighthouse and have an excellent view of the ocean. The owners of the resort are very nice, and the place is so private. For me, this is relaxation in its simplest form.

blue mango inn boracay

We visited boracay couple of years ago and stayed in a homey resort at Station 3. The price was so reasonable, and the location was far from the noisy spots. Blue Mango Inn was just in front of the powdery white sand beach! I can still recall one of the most relaxing moments I had - sipping their fresh mango shake one late afternoon while reading my favorite books. The accomodation includes free breakfast for four - toasted bread with jam and butter and sunny side up egg.
One of the highlights of the trip was snorkeling near the crocodile island and feeding the fish! I
remember I was screaming the first time I held bread underneath the water and in a few minutes, a school of fish came rushing towards the bread! That was fun!


A few months ago, Choy took a quick break from his project in Bacolod. So quick that he arrived in Manila past 12 noon, then left for singapore at about 430 pm on the same day! He then stayed in Singapore from thursday night til sunday. Then he stayed one day in Manila to be with us. I was planning to have a short out of town trip but Choy was too tired to do that so we just moved around Manila. Went to the parlor to have his haircut and haircolor (yes! to cover his gray hair) , then off to mega mall to buy stuff for kids.

We were all so hungry by the time we finished. Off to Jatujak for some thai food! The boys love the thai iced tea! We ordered thai mixed noodles, green chicken curry, beef with basil, and fried vegetable spring rolls. As always, we ask for extra wansoy. We just love wansoy!

Vincent was so funny; he kept drinking water. The food was a bit spicy for him.

nagsasa cove zambales

this is a great option for december 26 to 28 or jan 2 to 3. not too far from manila.


travel wish list

revisit cebu.


viaje del sol. experience staying in casa san pablo and staying overnite at the springs.

puerto princesa

coron. this time with choy and the kids.

boracay. this time with my parents.

My lolo's farm in bicol. With its nipa hut by the brook. It left such a great memory that I am craving now to spend a vacation in a place like that. There's a fresh pond, there's tall coconut trees and my Lolo will climb up to get some coconut for us! It was such a thrill! Even the very simple food he prepared - steaming white rice with boiled camote tops dipped in fish sauce was memorable. The water we drink comes from the brook and it tastes so sweet. That is really one of the most memorable vacations I have had. Simple but it was the love of my Lolo Miroy that made it wonderful. I now understand why I am so drawn to things made of native materials. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I love the hard wood floors of one of the houses in the farm and how we would make it shine by using banana leaves as floor scrub. How ingenious! Then at nite, we would use a gas lamp and watch the fireflies by the window. I wish my relatives didnt sell that property so we can go back to it. Or maybe I can buy it back. Why not? Now, Im longing to travel all the way to Tinambac Camarines Sur to see if that farm is the way it's used to be. I wish..I wish.


Lazy sunday today. Researching on travel blogs and being reminded of some of the things I love - old bottles - wine bottles, odd shaped bottles, even jars of tuyo. My children and I used to paint glass bottles. Too bad, National bookstore doesn't sell the glass paint anymore.

I remember one christmas, my mother-in-law bought several shot glasses and asked me to paint it so she can give it as gifts. It was such a hit. I think I painted some candle holders too and gave it away as gifts. One of my friends, Maria, really loved it!

There was one chiz whiz bottle that my son Ayel painted which I kept for a long time, but one day as I was decluttering, i was such in hurry to clean up, it went with the bottles that I wanted to throw away! Hay, until now, I regret it so much. It was such a sweet memory of those bonding moments. Anyway, I will go and find a store that sells those glass paints and create another painting session with my children. Now that puts a smile on my face again.

Friday, December 11, 2009

sugbutel - a modern hostel in cebu

I'm thinking of a trip to cebu. The last time I was in Cebu was probably 5 years ago. Maybe even more. My research leads me to different accomodations available, including this new hostel called Sugbutel. Catchy isn't it? I've tried a hostel in malaysia and it was ok. iId probably try this so i can write about it. Why not? The pictures in their website tells me this is worth checking out, especially by backpackers. Check out their website : http://www.sugbutel.com/.

lovely lunch at Old Vine, Eastwood

Today is friendship day!

I had lunch with two of my best friends, Cielo and Louie at Old Vine in eastwood. The place is lovely with its high ceiling and walls adorned with beautiful paintings. The lunch is Louie's treat to celebrate his birthday, and this is day two of the celebration! Lucky me to be at both lunches!

For starters, we ordered pan seared tuna which was so delicious! It melts in your mouth. Then a big serving of the trio salad made of romaine lettuce, shrimp, shitake mushroom and escargot. The dressing was light. Cielo ordered the petite fillet mignon with baked potatoes and buttered veggies. Iouie got the peppered steak with mashed potatoes and side salad. I opted to just order the creamy vegetable soup instead of an entree. I still feel full from the lunch yesterday!

In between chews and bites, we shared endless stories, jumping from one topic to another. New stories, old stories. Every now and then I couldn't help but comment on how good Louie's skin has been lately!

When I'm with Cielo, I find myself always talking about Malaysia. I guess because that's where my friendship with Cielo really started to deepen.

I wish I finished my errands early in the morning so I didnt have to rush ending lunch. Good thing, the exchange of fun stories just started to heat up so to continue it, Cielo and Louie offered to bring me to makati, with a stop at ford's showroom. I cancelled the trip to makati because of traffic. Instead, the three of us headed to Cafe Mary grace at Serendra for hot chocolate, cheese roll, cheesecake and more stories!

Oh and during lunch time, we agreed to go out every 2nd friday of the month to do this all over again! can't wait for the next date with two my best buddies.