Wednesday, August 18, 2010

do you journal?

I wish I did!

Especially for the travels I made: the day trips, out-of-town trips, conventions, vacations. I can imagine how fun and heartwarming it would be to browse the journals and relive the moments. I've kept pictures and I will give it a try - to write about my past travels. Meanwhile, I will get the prettiest journal I can get.


  1. i try to write something about each travel experience, too, whether it's a road trip or a transatlantic one. But not on a paper journal, just through my blog. I want the kids to remember the happy memories. It's something to look back with fondness when they grow older. But even now, when they get a chance to read my blog, they find themselves chuckling, and even laughing out loud somentimes.

  2. hi Tina! Thanks for dropping by! I was reading your blog yesterday and I love it! I love books too! have you seen dan eldon's journals? i look forward to more trips and creating travel journals with my kids. and i hope to bump into you in my future travels!