Saturday, December 12, 2009

punta malabrigo beach lobo batangas

Sharing with you some photos of a unique and quiet resort in lobo, batangas. Unique because of the flat rocks instead of sand. Clear water, hammocks everywhere, lots of sampaloc trees, simple and clean duplex accomodations.

Visit also the lighthouse and have an excellent view of the ocean. The owners of the resort are very nice, and the place is so private. For me, this is relaxation in its simplest form.


  1. Wonderful beaches in Lobo. Wonderful people, too. There are also lots of "kakanins" and pasalubong, Tamarind Wine, sweetened tamarind.
    You may also be fortunate enough to run into Christopher de Leon - who is running for Board Member of Batangas.
    Medz Cajanding - Batangas Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  2. hi Medz! thanks for dropping by! Batangas is one of my family's favorite places. We frequent Laiya and Lobo. I totally agree that people there are so nice. I love their sweetened tamarind too.