Saturday, December 12, 2009


A few months ago, Choy took a quick break from his project in Bacolod. So quick that he arrived in Manila past 12 noon, then left for singapore at about 430 pm on the same day! He then stayed in Singapore from thursday night til sunday. Then he stayed one day in Manila to be with us. I was planning to have a short out of town trip but Choy was too tired to do that so we just moved around Manila. Went to the parlor to have his haircut and haircolor (yes! to cover his gray hair) , then off to mega mall to buy stuff for kids.

We were all so hungry by the time we finished. Off to Jatujak for some thai food! The boys love the thai iced tea! We ordered thai mixed noodles, green chicken curry, beef with basil, and fried vegetable spring rolls. As always, we ask for extra wansoy. We just love wansoy!

Vincent was so funny; he kept drinking water. The food was a bit spicy for him.

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