Saturday, December 12, 2009


Lazy sunday today. Researching on travel blogs and being reminded of some of the things I love - old bottles - wine bottles, odd shaped bottles, even jars of tuyo. My children and I used to paint glass bottles. Too bad, National bookstore doesn't sell the glass paint anymore.

I remember one christmas, my mother-in-law bought several shot glasses and asked me to paint it so she can give it as gifts. It was such a hit. I think I painted some candle holders too and gave it away as gifts. One of my friends, Maria, really loved it!

There was one chiz whiz bottle that my son Ayel painted which I kept for a long time, but one day as I was decluttering, i was such in hurry to clean up, it went with the bottles that I wanted to throw away! Hay, until now, I regret it so much. It was such a sweet memory of those bonding moments. Anyway, I will go and find a store that sells those glass paints and create another painting session with my children. Now that puts a smile on my face again.

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