Saturday, December 12, 2009

travel wish list

revisit cebu.


viaje del sol. experience staying in casa san pablo and staying overnite at the springs.

puerto princesa

coron. this time with choy and the kids.

boracay. this time with my parents.

My lolo's farm in bicol. With its nipa hut by the brook. It left such a great memory that I am craving now to spend a vacation in a place like that. There's a fresh pond, there's tall coconut trees and my Lolo will climb up to get some coconut for us! It was such a thrill! Even the very simple food he prepared - steaming white rice with boiled camote tops dipped in fish sauce was memorable. The water we drink comes from the brook and it tastes so sweet. That is really one of the most memorable vacations I have had. Simple but it was the love of my Lolo Miroy that made it wonderful. I now understand why I am so drawn to things made of native materials. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I love the hard wood floors of one of the houses in the farm and how we would make it shine by using banana leaves as floor scrub. How ingenious! Then at nite, we would use a gas lamp and watch the fireflies by the window. I wish my relatives didnt sell that property so we can go back to it. Or maybe I can buy it back. Why not? Now, Im longing to travel all the way to Tinambac Camarines Sur to see if that farm is the way it's used to be. I wish..I wish.

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