Sunday, January 10, 2010

travel souvenirs

do you like collecting travel souvenirs? sometimes i do, sometimes i don't. photos still are my best travel mementos. I was reading Tony Wheeler's blog last nite about travel souvenirs and suddenly, a flash of pictures of my past travels came to mind. I suddenly recalled that I do love going to souvenir shops and the many choices of knick-knacs often leave me amused and confused as what to take home. In several ocassions, I found myself spending too much time looking at these cute little things and still undecided what will travel with me back home! Those cute little ref magnets are the easy ones. Ive collected some. I remember visiting a friend of a friend's office and seeing unique ref magnets to remember each and every place they've been to and I must say that the collection is one of a kind. It did inspire me to look for unique magnets too in my travels.

One unique travel souvenir I have is the circle of friend (or friendship?) which I bought in a flea market San Jose California. It was heavy! here's a picture of it.

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